Remote Control

With XenBridge, you can access your door lock anytime and anyplace.

Step 1
Tapadd deviceon the upper left corner of the Home page in the Brilong app.

Step 2
Tapselect product

Step 3
Select the lock with which XenBridge will pair.

Step 4

Step 5
Press the reset button on XenBridge, and make sure the LED is blinking purple.

Step 6
On your mobile device, select "XB_XXXX" as the temporary Wi-Fi network. then, return to the Brilong app and
tap Next

Step 7
Tap to select the 2.4GHz network to which you want XenBridge to connect, and then tap

Step 8
Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network you selected in Step 7.

Step 9
XenBridge is connecting to the Wi-FI network you selected. Please wait.

Step 10
Enter the name of XenBridge.

Step 11
The home page appears with the icon, indicating the pairing process is complete. You can now lock/unlock the door via XenBridge instead of Bluetooth.

Step 12
You will also notice that your mobile device automatically switches back to the same Wi-Fi network to which XenBridge is connected.

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