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IFsec 2018 @ London

IFsec 2018 @ London

IFSEC International is the only place that brings together stakeholders from every role within security, giving them the platform to witness and showcase innovation and ignite collaboration in order to tackle the world’s most significant challenge. In 2018, IFSEC will foster the global security conversation and takes place at London ExCeL between 19-21 June 2018.

2018 IFSEC International @London ExCeL

Smart Home Access Control Solutions

The mission of Brilong is to provide the most reliable & secure products and services for people to enjoy a more straightforward and smarter life. So we develop the cloud-enable smart lock system, LK310, to bring you a keyless, smartphone-based solution to home security needs.

This smart lock exclusive triple-detection mehanism automatically unlocks the door based on geographic location, Bluetooth and physical proximity, opening the door without the need of physical key or phone app. Moreover, time-limited virtual e-keys can be sent to visitors for controlled access.

Brilong believes that simplicity is the key to freedom. So, we launch the wire-free smart camera with cloud storage for you to place it anywhere and it can work with our smart locks. With the built-in night vision, you can get a clear look in the dark. The IP66 weather-proof feature also keeps this wireless camera up nd running even in a harsh environment. At the front door, the motion sensor detects when someone is approaching. This cam cares for your home just as you do.

Brilong @2018 IFSEC International

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