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Troubleshooting for XenLock Pro


Troubleshooting for XenLock Pro

Possible causes and remedies: • The Internet connection may be disconnected or unstable. (In this case, LED on XenBridge flashes blue) Please try fixing the network. • The cloud icon does not display in the app. (In this case, the icon may display Bluetooth or flashing Bluetooth.) Please tap the icon and try again. • AC power connected to XenBridge may be lost. Please check the power outlet used by XenBridge. • XenBridge may not be responding. You can unplug and plug back in the XenBridge to try again.
The decibel rating is measured at 90dB if you are 10cm away from GW10. User can config the alarm sound and volume via "Xenbridge settings" as in Brilong app. The info for setting the alarm can also be found on the user manual.
1. APP, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi versions are not updated to the latest version. 2. The distance between XenLock and GW10 is too long. 3. The distance between GW10 and Wi-Fi AP is too long. When Wi-Fi has lost connection, the display will show blinks in red. When network connection is unstable, the display will show blinks in blue. 4. Switch to Bluetooth connection on Brilong App. Then, confirm whether XenLock can be controlled.
Users will often notice the status shown in the Lock Operation screen (in Brilong app) is not the actual status of the lock. This is because the Lock Operation screen describes the status of next command for user to control the lock. Hence, it will be seen as an opposite status to the actual lock status. Users can find out the actual lock status after entering new lock setup/XenBridge name in the Status Display screen (Brilong app home page). The Status Display screen (home page) will show the actual status of the lock. Users can swipe the screen to the left to see the Lock Operation screen as well. To solve this issue, users using XenBridge can click on “Refresh” button at top-right hand corner of the screen (next to Rooms and Locks). Clicking “Refresh” button will show the actual status of the lock within 8 seconds (not instantly) with latest wireless and Bluetooth firmware versions installed. Also, check the LED status indicator (red, blue or purple) to eliminate possible connection issues.

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