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FAQ for XenLock

The LK310 smart lock is compatible with iOS (10 or above) or Android (5.0 or above) devices. For details, see our Compatibility List.
Prepare the door template and fold it from the door edge to the door. See the instructions and illustrations below for details. DownLoad.
The door backset measurement must be 60 mm or 70 mm.
The external lock can show its status in 4 colors via the LED indicator ring around the lock:
  • Red: Door is locking.
  • Green: Door is unlocking.
  • Blue: Auto-unlock is operating.
  • Purple: Low battery.
If you forgot your username and/or password on the Brilong app, follow the steps below to reset your Brilong app account.
  • 1. Open the Brilong app.
  • 2. Tap “Recover your account”.
  • 3. Enter the email address you registered for your Brilong account.
  • 4. Check your email inbox. You should receive an email specifying your existing username and a temporary password.
  • 5. Use the username and the temporary password to log into the Brilong app.
  • 6. Enter the temporary password again, and then enter the new password twice.
  • 7. Tap the tick icon, and then tap “OK”.
Yes. Even if your mobile device battery drains out, you can still use the traditional physical key (part of the lock accessories) to lock/unlock the door on which the lock is installed. You can also log into your account on another mobile device with the Brilong app installed, and then use this mobile device to connect to the lock.
Yes. Because the lock uses proximity sensors, its performance could be deteriorated due to ice or snow. So, whenever you find that ice or snow starts to build up on the lock, please remove the ice or snow immediately.
The lock replaces your conventional single-cylinder deadbolt by allowing you to send a virtual key to each person you would like to grant access to your home. Those people can then use their mobile devices to obtain access to your residence and/or rooms without the need for physical keys. The lock consists of a small, easy-to-install smart lock device and a mobile app. Even if accidentally your mobile device battery drains out, you can be worry-free by using the the lock’s physical backup keys to manually lock/unlock your door.
    • For iOS:
    • 1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Location Services > Share My Location.
    • 2. Tap “Brilong” and select “Always”.

    • For Android:
    • 1. Go to Application Manager.
    • 2. Find and tap “BrilongLock”.
    • 3. Tap “Permissions (Location)”.
    • 4. Turn on the “Location” option.
Please use the original account that pairs with the lock, and then delete the lock from within the app. Next, use the account you want to pair with the lock. However, if you cannot find the original account, please take a photo of the serial number on the internal lock and have the proof of purchase ready (for security concerns). Then, provide both information to our customer service via email and we will help you reset the lock.
Any of the following conditions may cause the lock to malfunction or fail to operate entirely (e.g., jammed lock, hard to turn the knob, etc.)
  • • The latch is not installed horizontally.
  • • Strike box or strike plate is not installed properly.
  • • Backset measurement is not set up properly.
  • • Non-alkaline batteries are used.
  • • The internal/external unit of the lock is not installed horizontally.
  • • While the door is open, it is hard or not smooth when turning the lock knob.

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