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Smart Lock

XenLock pro

XenLock Pro

Security camera. Pet cam. For everything you need, there’s a Brilong can always control and monitor your door by any smart devices wherever and whenever. Support Voice control by using Amazon Alexa command to lock/unlock/query lock status. Protect your door with our Sentry mode setting and built-in speaker Alarm.



XenLock is easy to install and set up with your smart device. Brilong app is a free app that you can download at App store or Google Play, and because the mobile technology is changing every year, iOS 10 (or above) / Android 5.0 (or above) is suggested.


XenBridge is a smart gateway, it connects Xenlock and the WiFi environment in our home. Once it's connected to WiFi, you can access the XenLock, which has been paired, anywhere around the world.

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