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Smart Lock

Smart Lock
Smart LockXenLock pro

XenLock Pro

Brilong XenLcok Pro is a smart lock that connects to your smartphone (iOS or Android). Installation is quick and easy, furthermore, you can use voice command to control XenLock Pro. It works with Alexa and Google home. With XenBridge's built-in speaker, you can set alarm to prevent the thief who tried to break in.

Smart LockXenLock


XenLock is easy to install and set up with your smart device. Brilong app is a free app that you can download at App store or Google Play, and because the mobile technology is changing every year, iOS 10 (or above) / Android 5.0 (or above) is suggested.

Smart Lock


XenBridge is a smart gateway, it connects Xenlock and the WiFi environment in our home. Once it's connected to WiFi, you can access the XenLock, which has been paired, anywhere around the world.

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