Smart Lock

XenLock pro

XenLock Pro

Security camera. Pet cam. For everything you need, there’s a Brilong can always control and monitor your door by any smart devices wherever and whenever. Support Voice control by using Amazon Alexa command to lock/unlock/query lock status. Protect your door with our Sentry mode setting and built-in speaker Alarm.



XenLock is easy to install and set up with your smart device. Brilong app is a free app that you can download at App store or Google Play, and because the mobile technology is changing every year, iOS 10 (or above) / Android 5.0 (or above) is suggested.


XenBridge is a smart gateway, it connects Xenlock and the WiFi environment in our home. Once it's connected to WiFi, you can access the XenLock, which has been paired, anywhere around the world.

XenLock Bluetooth Smart LockXenLock 2nd Gen

XenLock 2nd Gen

The XenLock 2nd Gen Series has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection capability which does not need to connect to additional gateway or hub. The 2nd Gerneration smart lock allows you to access control by using Brilong™ app to lock and unlock your door remotely, view status and record event logs automatically. This series is easy to install and can be controlled with Amazon® Alexa-enabled devices as well as Google® Assistant. The XenLock 2nd Gen. also allows auto-unlock by geographic location as well as automatic e-key entry sharing via sending keys to visitors for controlled access.

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