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Auto Unlock

Auto Unlock

XenLock gives you the safest and most powerful auto-unlock on earth

Sported by the latest triple-detection mechanism developed by the Brilong IoT Technology Center, auto-unlock on the Brilong XenLock smart lock brings you an unparalleled peace of mind in using auto-unlock.

How the Brilong triple-detection mechanism works

    • Geofencing and GPS


      Detects your mobile device location and automatically switches to the Away mode when you are about 200 meters away from home.

    • Bluetooth


      Detects your mobile device using the BLE technology when you are near the door.

    • Proximity sensing


      Detects your hand movement and automatically opens the door only when you are close enough to the door to minimize accidental unwanted triggering. Once the door is automatically unlocked, the lock automatically switches to the Home mode. During the Home mode, auto-unlock is also automatically disabled. So, you don't have to worry if the door may mistakenly unlock the door.

HOME and AWAY mode

In order to assure you are in the house so the Auto-unlock won't be triggered, we've added up a new function to enhance the lock being more secured

Home mode

At the home mode, auto-unlock is automatically disabled. Plus, after auto-unlock opens the door for you when you arrive home, the Brilong lock automatically switches to the Home mode. In either case, you are worry free because there is no chance for the lock to automatically unlock the door while you are at home.

Away mode

Once you lock the door and are away from the house, you can manually switch to the Away mode or simply wait until you are away from the house for more than 200 meters (detected distance may vary depending on the Geofencing and GPS sensitivity of your mobile device and the GPS signals in your area). Later, when you are coming back home and you are within the Bluetooth detection range of the lock, the lock will start beeping. All you need is move close enough to the door and wave your hand above the lock. Thus, by using both BLE and proximity technologies, the lock will then automatically unlock the door and switch to the Home mode.

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